Jim Ross believes that Ken Shamrock was a huge missed opportunity in WWE.

Jim Ross said WWE missed opportunity with Ken Shamrock

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Jim Ross spoke on his podcast about how WWE really missed a big opportunity with Ken Shamrock. Ken was a top star in the attitude era, who was very popular in 1998. Mick Foley once said in 1998, that the three most popular tables for fans to line up in, were Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sable, and Ken Shamrock. However, he never won the title. He was passed up by the Rock and later left WWE in 1999.

This is what Jim Ross said, “I always thought of Kenny [Ken Shamrock] as a top guy. He was hard to manage a little bit, but in the beginning, he wasn’t used to being on the road that much. So he was a great character to build. I have a lot of respect for Kenny, and tough guys – we know, God almighty – he had no problem navigating the locker room cause nobody gave him any sh*t.”

“But he was very underrated in my opinion in the pro wrestling world. So, we may have missed an opportunity with him, no doubt. I’m with you [Conrad]. If Ken Shamrock had become the champion, as I said I would have no problem with that. He is believable. His promos were believable because he didn’t memorize his lines. So it was some good stuff. I’m a Ken Shamrock fan, was then, still am.”

What do you think might have happened, if Ken Shamrock became world champion? Do you agree with the assessment of Jim Ross?

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