Ken Shamrock making an entrance

Ken Shamrock felt untested in wrestling

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Ken Shamrock was someone who not many people messed with during his time in WWE, especially since he had a legit background in mixed martial arts. He also had a well-earned reputation as The World’s Most Dangerous Man, which has stuck for decades now.

Austin and Shamrock in the ring
Austin and Shamrock never met in a PPV single’s bout

During a recent interview with Fightful, the former UFC star said that he never felt he was being tested by his pro wrestling colleagues:

“No, I think they were more interested in the things I knew. I mean, obviously I got to roll with (Steve) Blackman, I got to roll with some other guys, and anybody who ever rolled with me or ever was with me would tell you that I was legit. There’s no question in pro wrestling, that there was nobody there that could hold a candle to me when it came to shoot fighting. Anyone that says anything different, that’s that pro wrestling character coming out of them. Because I don’t think there’s any doubt in anybody’s mind. Obviously, with me being a world champion in Japan and being a world champion in the United States, I was the world’s most dangerous man, and nobody could beat me, and going into pro wrestling. I don’t think somebody that has a career in pro wrestling would have a chance of actually beating me at my game.”

Shamrock then revealed why no one on the WWE roster back then tried to shoot fight him:

“Nobody did that, because I think when you’re at that level in the WWF, it’s business and everybody knows its business. If you didn’t have that, maybe on a smaller circuit, or if you’re going around there, somebody wants to get the best of you or get over on you in a match where they try to make you look stupid. At the WWF, everybody was professional about getting the match over, putting on great matches, and everybody walking out of there healthy.”


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