Jim Cornette and Vince McMahon had a contentious relationship at best.

JR on Jim Cornette relationship with Vince McMahon

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Jim Ross spoke on his podcast about the relationship of Jim Cornette with Vince McMahon. To probably very few people’s surprise, Cornette and Vince never really got along. Jim Ross explained how they dealt with each other. This is what Jim Ross said.

“Contentious. I don’t know that Corny’s [Jim Cornette] relationship with Vince has ever changed. They never got along great, but I think Corny had respect for the business, therefore Vince got some of that respect as well for what he had built in WWE, creating an environment where a lot of people, like Cornette, myself, and others, could make a living in the things we loved to do, and that was work in pro wrestling.”

Jim Ross explains how the philosophy of Jim Cornette as opposed to Vince McMahon may have impacted the relationship. “They never really got along. I think Bruce [Bruce Prichard] will probably sign off on that deal as well. They just didn’t. They had different philosophies, but they had a lot of similarities in some of the fundamental things as far as they both agreed that we can’t get better if we don’t have our talents working with other talents that are better than the rookies and are getting plenty of work.”

Most would imagine that Jim Cornette loved his southern style wrestling, and Vince McMahon’s style was not even remotely close to that. Still, they found a way to work together for many years.

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