Jordynne Grace believes Impact is overlooked

Jordynne Grace believes Impact is overlooked, why?

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Jordynne Grace, the current Impact Knockouts champion spoke today on Busted Open Radio. She talked about how people overlook Impact Wrestling, in favor of AEW or WWE.

This is what Jordynne Grace said, I don’t think disrespected is the right word. I think overlooked might be more accurate. Honestly, I truly think that’s just because tribalism in wrestling is so adamant across the board. If people watch WWE, they’re very big on the WWE wrestlers. If they watch AEW, they’re big on AEW wrestlers. I just think if people do go out of their way to watch IMPACT, it’s very rare, so I don’t think that they’re gonna see me one time and be 100% behind me. So I can understand that. But at the same time, it does suck to work as hard as you have worked and not be acknowledged completely,”

Impact Wrestling might be the third largest wrestling promotion in the US. However, its ratings are much lower, and its presence much lower than the other two companies. At one time, Impact Wrestling was bringing in over 2 million fans. They were firmly established as a healthy number 2 promotion. But a series of unfortunate events led to its current state. Some of that might be what led to the observations of Jordynne Grace.

Interestingly, Impact Wrestling actually outlasted Panda Energy, their parent company. That company went out of business a few years back. Jordynne Grace leads the Women’s Division of Impact going forward. It’s the promotion that is too hard to kill. As it continues to exist, who knows what the future might bring?

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