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Jon Moxley To Address CM Punk Comments Today – REPORT

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As many of you are aware, CM Punk has expressed his displeasure with certain AEW practices, including Tony Khan and the booking of his bout versus Jon Moxley at All Out last year. Not only did the Instagram post draw followers’ notice, but Mox himself as well.

Renee Paquette, Mox’s real-life wife, announced on her YouTube channel that Mox will be her next guest on tomorrow’s episode of the podcast “The Sessions.” She also stated that Punk’s controversial remarks—in which he claimed that Mox refused to lose him because he wasn’t cleared to wrestle—will be addressed by Mox. Paquette penned:

CM Punk vs Jon Moxley was the main event for All Out 2022
CM Punk vs Jon Moxley was the main event for All Out 2022


“Tomorrow Jon Moxley is back on The Sessions for what’s sure to be an episode that gets people talking.

The former three time AEW World Champion gets into why he likes to bleed during his matches and what went into creating his Texas Death masterpiece with Hangman Adam Page. He also sings the praises of AEW up-and-comers, begrudgingly offers respect to his and Renee’s cat, and, yes, he talks about CM Punk’s Instagram post.”


Do you think that CM Punk has gone too far now and has all but ruined his wrestling legacy?


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