Jon Moxley is the undisputed AEW Champion

Jon Moxley is the AEW World Champion

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Jon Moxley is the Undisputed AEW World Champion. Recently had been announced that the Moxley vs CM Punk was moved from All Out to tonight’s episode of Dynamite. Many fans expected CM Punk to retain and become undisputed champion, however Jon Moxley won instead.

Moxley is the first two time world champion in AEW history, presuming that we don’t count the Interim championship as a world title. Either case, it is official now. Moxley is your champion, however it seems likely that CM Punk will be back very soon.

CM Punk defeated at Dynamite
CM Punk defeated at Dynamite

At this time, we are uncertain what the plan is for all out. It could still be CM Punk vs Jon Moxley. CM Punk appeared to reinjure his foot in the match, but that could have been a storyline angle to help justify the title change.

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