John Morrison favorite opponent is a women!

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Former WWE superstar John Morrison is regarded as one of the best high-flying athletes to have ever graced the squared circle. During his wrestling career, there is hardly any superstar he has not faced.

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The former MNM member appeared as a guest on Power Up with Tony Horton to discuss a wide range of subjects. When asked about his favorite opponent, Morrison named his wife Taya Valkyrie. He professed that he has wrestled her twice and Valkyrie is a lot tougher than him.

“My favorite opponent actually is my wife. I’ve wrestled her twice. I’m 0 and two,” John Morrison said. “She’s a lot tougher than me. But I figured one of these times, her number’s got to come up.

The first time [we competed in a Loser Does The Dishes match], she came out with all these dirty dishes and said, when you got married to me, you promised all these things, and now you don’t even do the dishes.

As a matter of fact, I brought the dishes here to prove that you haven’t been doing them, and so we had like a loser does the winners dishes for a year match.

“It was so fun. And when we finished, we’ve done it twice [the second match was at WrestleCon 2022]. People usually say you guys look like you’re having the time of your lives in there. And you are because you’re saying all these things that are so mean, but you both know that you’re joking. We did like a plate. She catches it.

Then I kick the plate, and it smashes her face. All this stuff. She’s tough. She’s a tough cookie!”

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