John Cena

John Cena Turns Up At “The Nightmare Factory” (PHOTO)

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John Cena shocked students at Nightmare Factory – When he unexpectedly dropped by Cody Rhodes and AEW Star QT Marshall’s wrestling school, The Nightmare Factory, John Cena, a WWE veteran and Hollywood figure, recently made a stir in the wrestling community.

Rhodes and Marshall own and run The Nightmare Factory, a premier pro-wrestling training facility in the Atlanta region. Cena’s presence strengthened the school’s already illustrious history of turning out some of the top wrestlers in the industry.

The Nightmare Factory’s official Twitter account informed the audience of the news, and AEW star QT Marshall responded by stating, “A very special day for our pupils.”

Cena was a guest speaker to inspire and motivate the young wrestlers currently training at the facility.


Having John Cena talk to you is an amazing experience for any wrestler. For more than ten years, he has been a leading figure in the world of professional wrestling, earning numerous titles and delighting audiences everywhere.

He is also well renowned for his inspirational talks, and the same was true during his appearance at The Nightmare Factory.


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