Vince McMahon unexpectedly wrestled one last match at WrestleMania 38 Joe Rogan was impressed

Joe Rogan praises Vince McMahon’s look at WWE WrestleMania 38

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Jo Rogan is an American UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former television presenter. He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast in which he discusses current events, comedy, politics, philosophy, science, and hobbies with a variety of guests and he recently spoke about the WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon, at the ripe old age of 76, was involved in a match at last year’s WrestleMania, where he beat Pat McAfee after the latter had put in a hell of a showing during his win over Austin Theory. However, many were unhappy with the legendary promoter’s involvement, especially his botched selling of the Stone Cold Stunner.

One man who doesn’t think so is Joe Rogan, who praised the WWE Executive Chairman’s look at WrestleMania 38:

“Bro, he looks f***ing great for 77. 77, you’re supposed to be a dead man, you’re not supposed to be pro-wrestling. Yeah. Bro, he’s older than my mom.” 

Interestingly, it was McMahon’s first and only victory at Mania. More recently, the disgraced former Chairman of the Board returned to the company to oversee a potential sale of the company, surprising and shocking the industry.
Joe Rogan continues to talk about various aspects of pro wrestling on his now weekly pod shows.


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