Jim Ross speaks on what Shelton Benjamin lacked in WWE.

Jim Ross on what Shelton Benjamin lacked in WWE

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Jim Ross spoke on his podcast, Grillin JR, about what it was that Shelton Benjamin lacked. He said that Shelton had lots of skill and athleticism. However, he said Shelton Benjamin needed a manager, a mouthpiece.

This is what Jim Ross said about Shelton Benjamin. “I liked it. I liked them a lot. Shelton was in that one all-star class that we signed that included Lesnar and Batista and Cena, and Orton. Shelton by far [was] the best pure athlete of the group that caught it quicker, that got it, so to speak, was Shelton. Shelton’s issues were always the fact that he, charisma-wise, just didn’t directly connect to the audience. But athletically speaking, you know, Shelton needed a manager, Shelton needed a mouthpiece to help him move, move the needle a little bit.”

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Shelton Benjamin came at a time when WWE was not featuring managers frequently. So to say, his timing probably wasn’t the best. Still, they did try with Shelton’s mama… for what it’s worth.

Jim Ross all discussed his team-up with Charlie Haas. “So, Shelton finally got a little break there, which I was very happy for. You know, Charlie Haas is an Oklahoma kid from Edmond Oklahoma. And so I have a special place in my heart for him. And, of course, Kurt was one of our signees. I just thought that pairing had a lot of chemistry and had a lot of symmetry and had a lot of credibility. So I enjoyed that presentation a great deal for many different reasons.”

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