Jim Ross recalls the experience of Owen Hart's funeral.

Jim Ross got dirty looks at Owen Hart’s funeral

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Jim Ross spoke on his Grillin JR podcast, about attending Owen Hart’s funeral. The younger brother of Bret Hart, Owen died in a tragic accident in 1999. The PPV was known as “Over the Edge.” It is one of the absolute most infamous deaths in the history of wrestling. Owen Hart fell in a stunt, and landed on a turnbuckle, and died.

Jim Ross attended the funeral and had this to say. “You talk about dirty looks, it’s as if I did something wrong. I was there to show support, but because I was representing WWE I was not a welcome guest at that service. I thought that was very, very unfair. When you feel guilty about things that you didn’t do, you’ve got to evaluate a little bit here, come on. It was tough.”

Jim Ross has spoken about the death of Owen many times. Sometimes when you listen, it sounds like he’s on the verge of bursting into tears. He talked at length about it in one of the earlier episodes of Grillin JR.

Owen Hart’s death impacted the industry as a whole. For example, in WCW, Sting was known to descend by wires. Naturally, that was stopped as a result of this tragic event.

Jim Ross had to be the one to announce Owen’s death on the PPV, and then he had to continue with the event. He felt at the time that the show must go on, but he said years later that they should have ended the show right there.

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