Jim Ross Dissapointed Not To Work AEW Main Event – Gives Reasons Why

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On the latest edition of his Grillin Jr podcast, AEW commentator Jim Ross gave his thoughts on the promotion’s recent Full Gear pay-per-view, later explaining why he only called the first six matches instead of the entire program. Highlights from JR’s podcast can be found below.

Says Tony Khan only wanted him to work the first six matches, but admits he wanted to call the main event:

I enjoyed it. You know, Tony Khan wanted me to work the first six matches, and I did. And then I was done. And I’d like to have worked the last match. You know, obviously as a fan, as a broadcaster. Certainly, I’m a big fan of Jon Moxley, and I was kind of thinking it was going to be MJF’s night, just seemed like it was time. We’ll see how that works out, I hope it works out great, we’ll see. I watched the match back on my iPad because I went back to the hotel when I was finished with my assignment.

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Jim Ross – Overall good PPV

Says overall he thought Full Gear was a good show:

It was an interesting deal, I don’t normally leave early, but I was done, finished, and did what I needed to have done and we move on, so I liked the show. I thought it was a good show. I liked the early first half that I did.

The matches I thought were pretty damn strong, some stronger than others, that’s just the nature of the beast. But I thought it was a good show, I really did, I enjoyed it.

I thought the talents worked their ass off. So it was fun, it was fun. I would like to work more but that’s always going to be the case you know. I’m no ballplayer, I want to play, so I was happy to do what I did and hopefully, the folks enjoyed it, it seemed like they did.

I got some positive feedback, but you always get one or two people you know to say something stupid.


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