Jim Ross addresses calls for him to retire

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AEW commentator Jim Ross is famous for his play-by-play commentary roles in Bill Watt’s Mid-South Wrestling / UWF promotion (1977-1987), Jim Crockett Promotions / NWA / WCW (1987-1993) and the World Wrestling Federation / WWE (1993-2013), but Good Ol’ J.R. has also worked as the WWF/WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for most of the Attitude Era and way into the Ruthless Aggression Era.

After such a long, illustrious career, many fans keep asking J.R. when he’ll retire from professional wrestling commentary, and during the latest episode of his weekly ‘Grilling JR’ podcast, the 2007 WWE Hall of Famer fired back at those fans and addressed their question.

Jim Ross AEW
Jim Ross talks about retirement

Here’s what Ross said:

“I read about it every day. When is JR going to quit? When is JR going to get off Wednesday, I gotta get off the air. Well, you know, I got no timeline on this thing. I know when my agreement with Tony Khan is up.

But does that mean I’m not going to continue? No. Does that mean that I’m going to, at that point, make the final decision that, hey, this is I’ve had enough, I’m tapping, I want to work less hours, I’m going to work less travel?

I’m not going to fly every week, whatever it may be, it’s still to be determined. But the older you get, you don’t pass up on those opportunities.”


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