Dax Harwood says he uses Jim Cornette criticism as a way to improve himself.

Jim Cornette shockingly praises Kenny Omega

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It is a well-known fact within the pro wrestling circle that Jim Cornette is not the biggest fan of Kenny Omega. However, during a recent episode of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary manager did have some positive things to say about The Cleaner.

Cornette was discussing the Kenny Omega versus Will Ospreay bout at Wrestle Kingdom 17, and not the surprise of no one, did not hold back while tearing into the match. But to the surprise of many, he praised the new IWGP US Heavyweight Champion.

Kenny Omega is set to return to New Japan. Omega spoke on his return.
Kenny Omega recently won the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship

The former WWE official said that Omega was not his cup of tea, but he could understand his appeal to a certain section of the audience:

I am going to say some good things about Kenny Olivier [Omega] in this little segment here or at least some positive things. My overall opinion has not changed, but I can see at this point, not only can I see where some segment of the people would like what this guy does over there, but also, I believe I may have psychoanalyzed him based on the production that we saw from the Tokyo Dome. You can see on his face when he gets in and he does the poses, the whole thing, this I think is what he thinks he is and has always wanted to be is a character in a cool video game with a cool outfit where he does the finger pointing and the gesturing. He’s playing a part in his mind and the wrestling was the only thing that he could figure out that he could do in the real actual existing world to be a video game character, so that’s why he became a wrestler.

Cornette added that Omega was better suited to New Japan than to American audiences:

“I can understand in this environment, in this presentation, why you would like Kenny. Because he does treat this more seriously over there, you can tell this is his fantasy. I know this is the big show with the Dome but still, anything I see from him over there, he works harder. I mean, you can’t make that goofy face of his serious throughout the whole match, he’s gonna make some goofy faces and he’s gonna do some stupid little things. But he works harder, he treats it more seriously, he does the acrobatics, but they’ve got a little more snap to them and that’s the thing, his acrobatics are flawless.”

Considering their disdain for each other, this is more than a positive for Omega from one of his biggest detractors.


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