Jim Cornette predicts 6-time WWE World Champion would come out of retirement to wrestle in AEW

Jim Cornette predicts 6-time WWE World Champion would come out of retirement to wrestle in AEW

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Jim Cornette predicts 6-time WWE World Champion would come out of retirement to wrestle in AEW
The former WWE manager thinks Omega vs. Angle could become a reality in AEW.

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette recently stated that Kurt Angle might come out of retirement to lock horns with former AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

The WWE Hall of Famer has praised Omega countless times in the last few days, even comparing him to WWE Superstars Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles. The AEW star, too, has immense respect for Kurt Angle, having spoken about the missed chance to wrestle him in the past.

“Another wrestler that reminds me of AJ (Styles) is Kenny Omega. Very much so.

These guys are a step above everybody. For whatever reason. I don’t know what it is, but they have the IT factor.”

– Kurt Angle
(via Talk is Jericho) https://t.co/ZNQgGq73Xn

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette stated that Angle’s comments could lead to him stepping back into the squared circle. The Wrestling veteran explained that AEW boss Tony Khan could offer the six-time WWE World Champion enough money to convince him to wrestle again.

Cornette also believes that Angle is fully aware that his comments could result in Khan approaching and possibly offering him to wrestle none other than ‘The Cleaner’ himself.

“If Kurt got back in the ring for another match, it would be for whoever pays the most money, I would think, so I wouldn’t bet against that because I bet Tony Khan would pay him the most money. And I have a feeling that Kurt Angle made that statement fully aware of the fact that if he was to have one more match, the person who would pay the most money for it would probably be Tony Khan. And I would extrapolate further that Kurt is fully aware of the fact that if Khan was going to pay him a large sum of money to have one more match, Tony Khan would probably want to see it against Kenny Omega,” said Jim Cornette.

Kurt Angle demanded an insane amount to wrestle AEW star Kenny Omega

Earlier this year, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about what could convince him to come out of retirement and contest a dream match with Kenny Omega. Kurt Angle joked that he would be more than happy to step back into the squared circle for $10 Million to wrestle The Cleaner.

“His success, what he’s had in Japan and AEW is phenomenal.  I haven’t seen a talent like him in a long time.

He belongs on that upper echelon of talents. He is one of the greatest workers in the world today.”

– Kurt Angle on Kenny Omega https://t.co/T9TUMadlFW

In addition to that, Angle said he would willingly lose to the AEW star if he received the aforementioned amount.

“If they paid me $10 million, I would do one more match. I’ll wrestle Kenny for $10 million. I’ll get my a** kicked.” said Kurt Angle

Although countless stars have laced up their wrestling boots despite their retirement, Angle has been adamant about his decision not to wrestle again. It is uncertain if this highly-anticipated dream match will go down in AEW or elsewhere.

Do you see Kurt Angle striking a deal with AEW to wrestle Kenny Omega sometime in the future? Sound off in the comments section below.


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