Jim Cornette spoke about where FTR might go with the shadow of Vince looming over WWE.

Jim Cornette ponders whether FTR should go back to WWE

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When it was rumored that FTR was leaving AEW, it seemed pretty clear that WWE was a strong option for that. Jim Cornette lays out how that possibility has changed drastically due to events surrounding WWE. Vince has never been a fan of tag wrestling, according to Cornette. FTR may need to reconsider all options.

This is what Jim Cornette said, “Boy, howdy, I mean, these guys have to make an important decision because it wouldn’t have been as hard two weeks ago if the specter of Vince was not around, but do they stay where they have been pretty much, single or tag team, the best in-ring talents in AEW since they’ve been there, that have been the most consistent, had the best matches with everybody.”

Jim Cornette highlights FTR’s match quality. “Also have had the best actual wrestling matches of the year in other promotions. Do they stay in AEW where they’ve been booked like sh*t? Because they were slapped in the face professionally if not literally by The Buckaroos [Young Bucks]. Do they go back to the company, that with Triple H in charge, one would have thought they were already high on that list to get back and one would already think that they know when their contracts are up and etc. there.”

Jim Cornette has another idea where FTR could go


“Except, the specter of the guy who tried to put them in cat in the hat outfits is now, once again looming over the company? So therein lies a conundrum somewhat at this point, because you would have thought they’d be a shoe in to say, thanks very little, you’re welcome even less, f*cking Tony for putting us in the g*dd*mn position after f*cking be outmaneuvered by children from Cucamonga [Young Bucks] instead of being, you know, the top team in the company that we deserve to be, so we’ll just go back over there.”

In another except from the Jim Cornette experience, Corny highlights past promotions that would have been good for FTR. “That’s why they’d be perfect for Crockett Promotions. They’d be perfect for Mid South. They’d be perfect anywhere in wrestling over the last f*cking 75 years, except for the two companies that exist right now.”

Jim Cornette highlights where they might actually go, “One because nobody cares about the wrestling in the WWE, and the other because they specifically have *ssholes as EVPs that can’t put these f*cking guys over because it’s not their style of trampoline fanaticism. So, I honestly think they decide to pick their own shots and they do Mexico, and they do Japan, and they rest in the mountains of North Carolina for a while, you know, at least not have mental stress.”

Is Jim Cornette right? Should they just avoid both AEW and WWE altogether.

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