Jim Cornette says that William Regal's knowledge might prove to be a problem for AEW.

Jim Cornette on why Regal might be a problem for AEW

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Jim Cornette gave his take as to why William Regal might become a huge problem for AEW. Cornette spoke about Regal joining WWE.

William Regal officially left AEW, and is set to return to WWE no later than January, in a back-office position. There is some possibility he might have an on-screen presence too.

William Regal carries 9 months of knowledge on AEW, including all its various moments of drama since last February.

This is what Jim Cornette said,

“I am not saying William Regal is a dishonorable person or an industrial, you know, Espionage agent or either an undercover agent for the FBI sent down here to infiltrate the Klu Klux Klan. What I am saying is that he knows now, and has talked to, and knows the talents of, and the strong points and weaknesses of, and the professionalism or lack therein of everybody in that locker room at this point. And he will be working closely alongside the f*ck*ng head of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.”

With William Regal’s knowledge, what might it mean for AEW? Tony Khan might “have a lot more F*cking ,money” but William Regal may well be one of the brightest men in the wrestling industry.

Close ties with Triple H, might mean that Regal may be leading the way for more people to leave AEW. The war between AEW and WWE continues to heat up. Jim Cornette might have a point here.

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