Cornette addresses Vince McMahon wanting to return to WWE

Jim Cornette on Vince wanting to come back

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Jim Cornette gave his thoughts about Vince McMahon wanting to return to WWE. He spoke on his podcast. This is what she said.

All we’ve been talking about for a couple of months now or more, guys want to go back and work for Triple H. I think he’s brought back some that he probably has buyer’s remorse on some that he’s brought back, but they want to come back and work for him.

And some more will follow. You know, Regal, etc. They didn’t want to work for Vince because he had gone out of his mind and Max Dupree was an example, and Ezekiel. It’s bad creatively because RAW or SmackDown is not setting the world on fire with the ratings either, but at least they are trying to do something to get out of that goofy funk they were in the last little while with Vince.

The old guys that made a ton of money with Vince and worked with him before he lost his mind apparently, they love him. So no, I think Vince for PR, for creative, and potentially just for hiring, he needs to be separated from that situation.

But it’s his. How can you separate him if he don’t want to be separated? 

Is Jim Cornette right? How should WWE handle the WWE situation?

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