Jim Cornette on Mercedes Mone's debut in New Japan.

Jim Cornette on Mercedes Mone botch & Promo

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Jim Cornette spoke at length what he thought about Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone in the terrible botch and strange promo. Their was a botch where the DDT didn’t hit properly. That has since lain at the feet of Kairi Sane. Mercedes’s promo was bizarre too, as Jim explains.

This is what Jim Cornette said. “So, they stare at each other and then Mercedes offers Kairi Sane her hand, she takes it, they shake hands, and then Mercedes spun her around backwards and got the girl up on her back, their arms hooked in some fashion and then was going to f*cking spin the girl around again and I think a DDT was what it was going to be or something. And instead, when she spun her back, she just went to the mat, she lost her completely and then she went down right afterwards.”

Jim Cornette on the botch. “And then Kairi Sane realized about a second after she’d hit that she was supposed to have been DDT’d, so she suddenly popped back up like she was selling her face, I don’t know what the f*ck happened. They just fell in a crumpled f*cking heap like a Salvation Army drop box.”

Jim Cornette, “Was she drugged?”


“And then Mercedes Moné gets the microphone and does a, you can’t call that a promo, she spoke words on the microphone. Was she drugged? Was she hypnotized? Was she having a medically induced coma? Was she shocked that she had just fumbled everything?”

Jim Cornette explains what’s wrong with the promo. “Because, I mean, that’s the equivalent of a g*dd*mn, you know, a basketball player coming out on the f*cking court and the first play grabs the ball, does a dunk and breaks his f*cking leg. She came out with the big entrance and the music and the new outfit and everything, and the first thing she does, she jerks this girl up, they fall in a heap, maybe she was rattled. The promo was no emotion and just said some things and then picked up the girls belt and posed and did a stripper dance, kind of, while the girl was laying there still selling nothing except falling off her back.”

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