Jim Cornette on HBK

Jim Cornette on if he still hates Shawn Michaels

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Speaking on his podcast, WWE veteran Jim Cornette answered if he still hated Shawn Michaels. One of the greatest superstars of all time Shawn Michaels donned a different attitude back in the 90s. Though he had made millions of fans due to his wrestling prowess, there were some who did not like him due to his attitude. Former wrestling booker Jim Cornette was one of them.

Discussing the topic, he explained that though he was not fond of Michaels, he never really hated him. Cornette also labeled Michaels as a “great worker.”

”I don’t know if I ever hated Shawn Michaels. I never felt about him like I do about a s**tstain or Donald Trump or any egregious, excremental excuse for a human being. He was a great worker, and I’ve said that. Great f*cking performer in the ring, just a goddamn annoying f*cking primadonna motherf*cker to be around, nasty to all my friends during the 90s and then found God,” 

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