Jim Cornette says the future in Dominik Mysterio based on how WWE is handling him.

Jim Cornette on Dominik Mysterio

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Jim Cornette spoke on his podcast about Dominik Mysterio. Dom is currently part of Judgment Day and has been highly featured. Most people do not praise his in-ring ability, but other aspects, it’s said Dom is very good at.

This is what Jim Cornette said, “They’ve already decided that they are going to push him[Dominik Mysterio]. They’re featuring him regularly every week with a featured group… His in-ring is the thing I’m the least fan of about him… If they ever tried to concentrate on him on his own, that would be a different story,”

The Dominik story continues to entertainment. He’s been featured in a feud with Rey Mysterio, that saw him conduct a home invasion. Jim Cornette might like seeing the personal issues between them. He has always been an advocate that storylines need to feature more personal issue concepts.

Jim Cornette highlighted Dominik’s advantages. Dominik is not only has had the benefit of his dad[Rey Mysterio], but also had the benefit of the performance center, has also had the benefit of regular weekly use in a continuing story… I’m sure they’ve given him advice but he’s in a group of people [Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Damian Priest] with varying degrees of experience and he’s been working with all the top producers on a weekly basis who… are critiquing, and or suggesting, and or criticizing, when he comes back on a regular basis. That’s why he is developing,” 

Even if Dom’s in-ring ability does not improve, Cornette sees a future with him in wrestling. Is Cornette right? Is Dominik a future star?

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