Jim Cornette says that MJF can use his famous phrase anytime.

Jim Cornette Is MJFs Number One Fan

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On the most recent edition of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, veteran manager Jim Cornette reacted to AEW World Champion MJF namedropping him on last week’s episode of Dynamite.

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Jim Cornette on why MJF mentioned him during his promo:

 “Honestly let’s face it, MJF knows who is going to get heat with that audience because I just talked about it. They’re talking to the smartest audience probably of any—I’m not talking intelligence wise I’m talking about the inner workings of the business—the ‘smartest’ audience of any wrestling program. So those are the hot buttons and there’s obviously a reason why he mentioned me last, you always save the big pop for last.”

Jim Cornette on being a fan of MJF: 

Again, I am his number one fan, so he didn’t tell a lie and I don’t mind him bandying my name around for a moment of heat from the rabble. That’s more than fine, but to be grouped in with the other guys [Disco Inferno & Eric Bischoff] I guess sometimes we’ve got to put up with these things.”

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