Dax Harwood says he uses Jim Cornette criticism as a way to improve himself.

Jim Cornette is allowed to have opinions, states Dax Harwood

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There are some fans that believe that guys like Jim Cornette should just shut up. Dax Harwood of FTR had a different take. This is what he said on his podcast.

“I think Jim… has done so much in this business that he is allowed to have whatever opinion he wants on any style of professional wrestling. I think he has so much knowledge to impart on wrestlers, too.”

Jim Cornette is a former manager of one of the hottest tag team acts, the Midnight Express. He booked SMW, OVW, and even Ring of Honor. Before Triple H created NXT, Jim Cornette laid out the blueprint of a modern developmental system. He certainly has done a lot for the business that shouldn’t be denied.

Many wrestlers take criticism personally. Dax Harwood sees Jim Cornette criticism as a guidebook for improvement as a wrestler. This is what he said, “I would use that [Criticism] to get better as a performer instead of saying oh, this motherfucker, he was talking shit about me. Jim was not talking shit about me, okay? Jim, Booker T, Bret Hart. Any of these guys, anybody who has done something in this business? They can have any opinion they want because they’ve done it all. But when they criticize a wrestler and his abilities, that’s just them criticizing a wrestler, a character, and their abilities.”

What do you think? Does Jim Cornette have a right to his opinion? Should wrestlers stop having knee jerk reactions to Cornette, and start considering what he has to say?

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