Jim Cornette believes that Brock Lesnar should put this star over at WrestleMania

Jim Cornette, “I would have f*cking Brock Lesnar put him over”

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Jim Cornette is a strong believer in the talent of Gunther. He argued that Brock Lesnar should go so far as to put GUNTHER over at WrestleMania.

This is what Jim Cornette said on his podcast, ““I’ve talked about in the past, that would be a great matchup, and it would help GUNTHER especially if Brock is into it, and works on getting him over. But they’re really, even though they’re completely different people and completely different styles, et cetera, et cetera, they’re two of the only guys in the WWE that really should work with each other because they’re two of the only guys that are never phony or goofy or winking at people. They’re completely legitimate in how they act as themselves and what they do.”

“Everybody knows that Brock’s the real deal, which has enhanced his you know, reputation and aura and, as Finkel would say, demeanor. And GUNTHER, I’ve said is the most perfect wrestler in the business today for wrestling and working and talking and doing things that he should do if he was really who he is purported to be. And they’re both physical, and they can both hit and they can both work.”

“I think it would be great and that could elevate especially, I know they don’t do it often, but they have had Brock do a job or two and I would f*cking have Brock Lesnar put GUNTHER over. And I think that would be a big f*cking deal.”

Should Brock Lesnar put over GUNTHER? Is Jim Cornette right? Imagine the star making powers if that were to happen. Gunther could be a made man in the wrestling world. What do you all think?

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