Jim Cornette has harsh words for Bray Wyatt and people like him.

Jim Cornette has harsh words for Bray Wyatt

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Jim Cornette is not a man who lacks having opinions. He has something to say about almost everything. Those opinions are usually very strong too. Same can be said about his opinion on Bray Wyatt. On Jim Cornette’s podcast, he said things about Bray Wyatt that some would take is absolute vile hatred for the man.

This is what Jim Cornette said, This guy [Bray Wyatt] is the drizzling sh*ts because he thinks that elements of other TV shows need to be in wrestling. And a lot of these other as*holes think that too. They wanna be video game characters, they wanna be horror movie stars, they wanna get booked in C-level horror movies, remakes of sh*t that was actually good that some moron is gonna take and ruin for everybody else that liked that kinda thing. These people are ruining wrestling for us.

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Jim Cornette appears to tell people like Bray Wyatt, to not get into the wrestling business. “If you don’t wanna be a wrestler, you don’t wanna do the s**t that wrestlers have done before, do something else, don’t get in f*cking wrestling. That’s my advice, wish or fervent hope. Don’t clutter up the f*cking wrestling business. There’s a reason people haven’t done most of the things that Bray Wyatt has done before because they are f*cking stupid as applied to wrestling.”

Does wrestling have room for new concepts and ideas? Or should wrestling be more like it was during Cornette’s era.

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