Jim Cornette explains what is wrong with AEW's ratings.

Jim Cornette explains what is wrong with AEW ratings

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Jim Cornette gave his take as to what is wrong with AEW’s ratings. This is what he said.

“What I’m looking at is, and we’ve always talked about Nielsen ratings, or any kind of television ratings are estimates at best, like the polls on anything. And we’ve talked about the problems in the Nielsen figures, especially locally, more so than nationally. But nevertheless, if it’s the same rating service and it’s the same method of collecting the information and everybody is judged in the same fashion. Then even if the numbers aren’t right, the concept is right,”

Jim Cornette continued. “So, what I’m looking at as a person analyzing this program, regardless of how many people don’t have cable anymore or are going to stream and do whatever the f*ck and you can’t tell what they’re doing and all TV ratings are down, all TV shows don’t start at a certain point and lose 25 percent of their audience by the time the thing’s over with.

Jim Cornette on lack of interest, “It’s because this program is not as popular or as well viewed as the rerun of an old sitcom that comes before it, and they can’t even keep the people from the first hour to the second hour that tune into it on purpose. They’re not interested in what’s going on from the beginning of the show to the end because it’s so inconsistent, that’s what I’m looking at. Regardless of who’s watching, most the people that start watching this show don’t stick with it.”


Jim Cornette suggests AEW lacks star power when compared to WWE


Jim Cornette says AEW needs more star level talent, “I would attribute something, like, they have stars, they could’ve had more stars by now than they do. They could have made some and they could have made more, 80-20. Yeah, when you get to the network level and SmackDown, yes, you need the stars, you need Brock Lesnar, you need John Cena or whatever. But this, with the built-in audience that AEW has, the base audience that will watch anything that they produce as a cushion, they’ve had enough time, they could have got some more people interested in a few of their f*cking talents and they would at least be keeping all the people that start watching till the finish.”

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