Jim Cornette believes the Bloodline Storyline is perfect.

Jim Cornette calls the Bloodline storyline “Perfect.”

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On the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, he talked about the Bloodline. In the past, he was critical of some elements, but as of the Royal Rumble he feels that it is currently the storyline is perfect. What’s more he seems to love the fact that the big blow off match as at Elimination Chamber, and not WrestleMania.

This is what Jim Cornette said. “With the Rumble being – they were allowed to have unmitigated allowance to kill this guy for as long as possible and nobody lifted a finger. In this case it was happening, it was going, it was suddenly evolving.”

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Jim Cornette believes that the PLE booking of this storyline at Elimination Chamber is perfect. “How did we overlook that the February premium live event is in Montreal? This is perfect. We were talking about should Sami vs. Roman be at WrestleMania, no, they’re never gonna do that one. But Sami and Roman in Montreal is f*cking perfect.”

What do you think? Is that perfect as Jim Cornette says? He might be thinking with Sami Zayn being from Canada, he’ll get a hometown pop. But if so, how much louder can a pop for Sami Zayn be? Are we going to see Sami Zayn make history? Or will it be a massacre?

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