Will Miro return to a prominent role in AEW soon? Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette believes Lana is serious and telling the truth

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Did you know that Miro has not wrestled a match since All Out? He’s only wrestled 4 matches in 2022, Jim Cornette with this knowledge believes that Lana speaks the truth about Miro. That perhaps the wrestler formally known as Rusev might be wanting to return to WWE.

This is what Jim Cornette said on his podcast,

“Obviously, Lana is not just making this up. One would believe that she is reflecting potential conversations that they have had whether in their marital bed or on their marital couch or in their marital kitchen. Because they’re married, they talk to each other quite a lot. And one would think that she wouldn’t just be saying something like that out of the blue if it had never been discussed, or if he was saying, ‘Well, I love it here in AEW, honey, and I never want to go back to the evil empire, which is WWE.”

When Miro was the AEW TNT champion, he had praise lavished upon him. But when he lost his title and was out with a hamstring injury, he was… out. While he healed from his injury just fine, he wasn’t featured at all. Many fans consider this completely astounding that AEW wouldn’t feature him in any way or form. Even those four matches, weren’t based on any storyline.

The question is, will Miro be featured in AEW again? Will he go back to WWE? Jim Cornette certainly seems to think he might leave AEW. What’s your take? There has been a meeting between Miro and Tony Khan, but what will that result in?

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