Jericho Tony Khan

Chris Jericho Was Ready To Change The Course Of Wrestling

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Chris Jericho was interviewed by ESPN this past week in the run-up to tonight’s Full Gear PPV and spoke about his decision to join Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in 2019, where he became the inaugural AEW World Champion.

Jericho Tony Khan
Jericho Had Major AEW Doubts

Chris Jericho stated that he joined the promotion to change the course of professional wrestling history.

Chris went on to say

“Do you realize how much money it costs to start a wrestling company? Do you realize how hard it is to find fresh, exciting talent that hasn’t been around the block? Do you realize how hard it is to get a television deal with a network?

Tony Khan did realize that and after talking to him I thought, ‘Wow, there might actually be something to this’, and that’s kind of what really started attracting me to it.

That really appealed to me to start working with Tony because I knew if AEW was a success, we could change the course of wrestling history.”


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