Matt Hardy could come back to AEW soon

Jeff Hardy Has Been ‘Scared Straight’

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Matt Hardy states Jeff Hardy has been scared straight. – Speaking this past week on his podcast Matt Hardy has admitted that this time Jeff has been “scared straight,” Matt Hardy is optimistic that Jeff’s effort to overcome his addiction will succeed this time.

Jeff was arrested in June of last year and accused of having his third DUI in ten years, but the AEW star has since been cleared of all charges.

Jeff Hardy was arrested earlier this year Matt hardy
Jeff Hardy was arrested in 2022

About Jeff’s most recent stay in rehab, Matt said on his Extreme Life podcast that he went in with the intention of staying and he had a “different mentality.” this time

Matt stated that he is confident Jeff will put his substance abuse issues behind him this time stating that Jeff had “never been this scared before.”

Even though Jeff hasn’t yet started working on AEW episodes again, Matt said his brother is hoping his rehabilitation will serve as a lesson for others. He stated:

“I think one of the biggest things you’re going to see about Jeff Hardy going forward is how he wants to share this story and try and help other people now. That’s something he’s been very adamant in already.”

After Jeff’s imprisonment in June 2022, AEW President Tony Khan stated that this will be his one and only opportunity to advance as a member of the AEW roster.


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