Jeff Hardy AEW Bound

Jeff Hardy comeback on the cards in 6-8 weeks – REPORT

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As we previously covered Jeff Hardy, a professional wrestler, was apprehended in Florida and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The Florida Highway Patrol received reports about a suspected impaired driver in Volusia County, Orlando, and the 44-year-old was stopped by the police on Monday morning. Additionally, he is accused of driving with a revoked license and violating the terms of his driving license. After posting bail of $3,500 (£2,900), the former WWE superstar, who resides in North Carolina, was released.

As we covered at the time in great detail A motion to suppress was submitted on February 21, citing “unreliable breath test results.” The document outlines breath test procedures and notes that Mr. Hardy’s breath tests did not conform to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) requirements for dependable quantitative breath tests. The motion claims that there is insufficient evidence to show that the breath tests were conducted in accordance with FDLE-approved methods and compliant machines. As a result, the Court is asked to exclude any breath test evidence in this case.

On February 23, Hardy pled no contest to his third DUI offense within ten years, driving while his license was suspended, revoked, or cancelled, and a driving violation with a driver’s license restriction. He was credited with 38 days served in jail, fined $4,000 with court costs of $586, and put on probation for 24 months. His driver’s license was suspended for ten years, and his sentence includes a 90-day vehicle impoundment and a two-year vehicle interlock device. Furthermore, he is required to attend DUI school or a drug rehab program and perform community service.

In a bombshell update today we have news that Jeff may be back in the ring sooner rather than later –

In a video shared by Isiah Kassidy, Jeff Hardy’s brother, Matt Hardy, provided an update on Jeff’s recovery and indicated that the wrestler is committed to getting better. The brief update suggests that Jeff is making progress in his efforts to overcome his struggles.


Jeff Hardy Eye Surgery and Return

“Jeff just had some eye surgery,” Matt continued. “His eyes were a little offset, it’s probably from wear and tear, beating his body up. They had to work on some ligaments and tendons in one of his eyes. So, they correct that with surgery and said in probably five or six weeks he should be okay. I am hoping after that, now that he is kind of putting this whole situation behind him, that we’ll see him back around soon. I’m hoping soon. You guys keep your fingers crossed, maybe six to eight weeks from now, hopefully, we can see some Jeff Hardy on AEW again.”




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