Jake Roberts has strong words for today's wrestlers. Is he right?

Jake Roberts on what he hates about modern wrestling

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Jake Roberts is a legend in the wrestling business. He was a master of psychology and also had experience as part of WWE’s creative team. Jake the Snake has strong words for modern wrestlers and the way they are going about business in the ring.

This is what Jake Roberts said on The Snake Pit. “What kills me is is they’ll go out and do all these horrible fu*king crazy unbelievable spectacular moves and nobody gets beat by one of them, but they get beat by the most vicious hold in wrestling, the schoolboy. I hate that. God d*mn I hate that, and shame on you guys for doing the school boy you lazy fu*ks. Is your fu*king ego gotten so big that you won’t fu*king get beat by the guy’s best maneuver?

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Jake Roberts criticizes lack of selling. “That’s what I want to get beat by. I want to get beat by that guy’s best maneuver, not a schoolboy where it’s an accident and I’m such a pu**y that I can’t kick out. Give me a break guys. Get your head out of your *ss. Have some respect for your fellow combatant and go out there and sell a little bit. That’s my only bitch with these young guys. They don’t sell sh*t.”

Jake Roberts is just one of many legends who criticize the modern style of wrestling. At what point do we finally acknowledge that the older legends know what they are talking about? Or should they get with the times and get over it?

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