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Jake Roberts Backstage AEW Role

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WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts spoke with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall for Wrestling about working behind the scenes in AEW at the Dark TV tapings. Roberts declared:

 “Right now what I do is once a month we go to Orlando, we do Dark, and I go down there and I get with the guys and I help them do interviews. I try to teach them a better way to do their interviews, which, I know how to do interviews. It’s easy for me, but these guys are [inexperienced with promos]. They’re not used to it. They don’t get it yet. I’m there to help them and I enjoy doing it.” He added, “I’m happy to do it, and I hope to continue to do it.”


Jake Roberts


Jake Roberts also touched on his injury from Honky Tonk Man’s guitar strike on The Snake Pit:

“They sent somebody out to get one (a guitar), and the guy came back with a real goddamn guitar. The thing was a half inch thick, plus it had fiberglass on top of that. It was a $500 guitar. It was so thick that in the back, they tried to carve notches in the back so it would break, but they didn’t carve enough. The other thing is he shouldn’t have hit me in the head. He should hit me across the back. The head can’t take that. He came from an angle so it just, boom, blasted me down, which blew out my C6 and blew out my C7 disc. Unfortunately, I’m hard headed. I didn’t immediately go for doctor help. I wanted to keep going, and that’s where I made my mistake by keeping going because you know, you start taking pills to get rid of the pain, and the next thing you know, you’re kind of liking that feeling, and then you just keep going. For two years, I wrestled with that to the point that I couldn’t lift my left arm.”



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