Josh Allen

Jags Linebacker could easily make the move to pro wrestling – Tony Khan

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AEW President Tony Khan recently joined KWWN Cofield & Company for an in-depth conversation about wrestling and football, where Khan mentioned his excitement for his Jacksonville Jaguars team being in the playoffs. During the conversation, Khan mentioned that certain players on the Jags could make great pro-wrestlers, naming linebacker Josh Allen as a prime example. Highlights from the interview are below.

Thinks Allen could easily transition to pro-wrestling:

Josh Allen has been to some of the events, he’s a big wrestling fan, I actually introduced Josh Allen to Shaq [Shaquille O’Neal] when Shaq was wrestling in AEW in Jacksonville. There are a number of people on the Jaguars that I think would be great pro wrestlers.

Recalls NFL players doing a photo shoot with AEW talents:

We actually had a number of the football players do a promotional shoot for London with the AEW wrestlers because AEW had gotten so popular in England, and we did a promotional shoot for our English TV partner, ITV, and had a lot of players out of Wembley. We had a great photoshoot with Trevor Lawrence and Claudio Castagnoli, the twin towers of wrestling and football, and that was cool to see the world of the Jaguars and the Blackpool Combat Club colliding. Like I said, Josh Allen is somebody who has been a fan, Andre Cisco had a great interaction with some of the wrestlers. I think Andre went to the same high school as HOOK. A lot of Jags players would make great wrestlers.


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