Jade Cargill AEW speaks about her critics, and future title aspirations

Jade Cargill told you will only become a housewife

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Being the AEW TBS Champion and having gone undefeated since entering the ring with Shaquille O’Neal in November 2020, Jade Cargill is not someone to be taken lightly. That wasn’t always the case, though. Cargill recalled the hardships she encountered as a student basketball player in Florida during her pre-wrestling years in a piece on “Brut America.”

She said


“I had one of my coaches that told me that I was going to amount to nothing but a housewife,” Cargill recalled. “I’d seen what she did, and I told myself I was going to be 10 times better than whatever she thought I was going to be.”

Cargill could have gone a little bit beyond “10 times better.” She later moved on to Jacksonville University to receive her master’s degree in child psychology and her undergraduate degree in social science. In addition to her career in wrestling, she now owns a subscription-based fitness business. She was very open about the requirements that shaped her career on AEW.

“All this hurts,” she said “People don’t understand the commitment that you have to take and just how you have to push through these injuries.”

Who will be the star to dethrone Jade Cargill in AEW?



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