Jade Cargill speaks in support of CM Punk.

Jade Cargill speaks in support of CM Punk

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Jade Cargill hasn’t so often added her thoughts to the ongoing world of wrestling. She’s known for having a dominant run that has made her the longest ongoing champion in AEW. However she did speak in support of CM Punk.

On the Bootleg Kev Podcast, Jade Cargill said, “From my opinion, Punk’s [CM Punk] a great guy. He’s been nothing but nice to the women’s locker room. He talks to me, tells me his experiences. Again, at Comic Con, we got really close because he was my tag mate in the interviews, and I learned so much from him, and so much knowledge in the industry.

“He’s been in two different companies, and he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. So he doesn’t need it. He does it cause he loves it. And that speaks to me. I don’t need it. I do it because I love it. And I appreciate people like that.”

Jade Cargill elaborated on some advice that CM Punk gave her, “Just stand on what you believe, and don’t be a pushover. I admired that because, coming into the business and being new — a lot of people, it’s like you almost have to shrink yourself a little bit. And I know who I am. Again, I’ve lived several lives — I’ve lived real life, and just because I didn’t want to do this all my life, or because I didn’t put in the time, I refuse to let anybody look at me as less than. And I refuse to let anybody treat me any different, because outside of these lines, I’m a human frikkin’ being, and you’re not going to treat me like anything else.” 


Jade Cargill, “CM Punk is a great guy.”


“I’m not saying that anyone treated me any type of way. You hear about that in wrestling… especially on the indies. I’m not familiar with the indies at all, but I’m not gonna be walked over, and I refuse for you to, because I’m Jade Cargill — and outside of these lines, I’m Jade Cargill. So I’m not gonna let you address me as anything less. So the fact that he told me to stand on what I believe and don’t be a pushover, that stuck with me. He’s a great guy.”

What do you think about what Jade Cargill said? Do you think she is right? Does this undermine the “locker room cancer narrative” that has been out in the media over the last several months?

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