Jade Cargill AEW speaks about her critics, and future title aspirations

Jade Cargill on going for AEW Women’s World title

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Jade Cargill spoke about her record, about her critics and about the AEW women’s world champion. To her critics, she said, “I’m paying their bills. Doesn’t bother me. It’s all in the sport. Also, good or bad I’m always the topic baby. People hear my name-look me up and STAY, CAUSE IM THAT F*CKING FINE.” 

Well, that’s true. Maybe not her specifically but reporting on wrestling overall. Honestly she might have the best attitude. The critics can really get you done, it’s best not to let them get to you.

This is what Jade Cargill said about the AEW Women’s Title.

“I have to get warm. I think everyone should be HAPPY and GRATEFUL they seen me in MY FIRST match EVER! Most of the women who have carried the main title have hundreds of matches. I’ve literally had ONLY 45 and 1 off grid match.Let me take my time. U all KNOW I’m going to be great 100″ 

According to Cagematch, Britt Baker has 239 matches. Jaime Hatyer has 247, and the first ever women’s champion has at least 989. That’s with the knowledge that as complete of an archive as that might be, it still may have missed a few.

Jade Cargill may well be at the start of a long career. Her wrestling according to many has certainly improved since her first match. She’s at 45 matches now, how good will she be when she reached 200?

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