Corey Graves believes that the Bloodline may be greater than the NWO

Is the Bloodline greater than the NWO?

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Corey Graves argued on his podcast that the Bloodline is more compelling than the NWO. He argued based on the reality behind it. This is what Corey Graves said on the After the Bell podcast.

These guys are going to run this place for the foreseeable future. There are so many exciting ways that this could go, and I dare say this is a more compelling situation than the NWO because of the reality behind it. When I say they are as deep as they are dangerous, I mean it with every fiber of my being.

I gush about these guys constantly, they’re my favorites on screen, but they’re also a lot of my favorites off screen. I truly believe everything that they do. But for my money right now, The Bloodline is well on its way to being as hot of an act that endures the test of time in this business second maybe only to the NWO.” 

The NWO started in May of 1996 when Scott Hall joined WCW and walked out from the crowd. He was quickly joined by Kevin Nash, to form “the Outsiders.” When Hogan joined, he referred to them as the “New World Order” and the name stuck. Are they greater than the Bloodline?

Is Corey Graves fooling himself? Do you prefer the Bloodline, or the NWO?

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