Is Hangman Page The One To Blame For All This AEW Drama?

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Following on from the fallout at the AEW All Out Press Conference,  the sources of the blame appear to now put most of it at the feet of Hangman Adam Page following his unscripted comments aimed toward CM Punk all those months ago.

All involved in the backstage brawl including CM Punk and Ace Steel have also been removed from programming, with reports that both men could be fired.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette held Page responsible for the situation.

“I can’t even believe they put [Hangman] Page in the tournament when there’s the weasel that started the whole thing on a public basis.

“And they reward him for being the instigator for their entire company falling apart by putting him back in the world title tournament.”

Page was not part of the fight after All Out and therefore not suspended.


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