Indie Wrestler Sets Himself on Fire in Stupid Spot During Hardcore Match (WATCH VIDEO)

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The world of professional wrestling is known for its high risks and extreme stunts, but one recent incident has left fans in shock. During Xtreme Pro Wrestling’s (XPW) Killafornia event, XPW World Champion Masada took a dangerous gamble that went horribly wrong.

In a hardcore match, Masada decided to set himself on fire by drinking alcohol and blowing it into a wooden stick that was already engulfed in flames. The shocking moment was captured on video, showing Masada in flames and clearly in pain.

Despite the popularity of hardcore wrestling and death matches, this dangerous stunt has raised concerns about the risks wrestlers take for the sake of entertainment.

Masada was quickly attended to by referees and other personnel after the incident, but it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers wrestlers face in the ring.

While wrestling fans appreciate the dedication and commitment of performers, there is growing concern about the line between entertainment and risking one’s safety. Hardcore wrestling may be a popular market in the industry, but incidents like this highlight the need for prioritizing wrestler’s well-being.

As the video of Masada’s risky stunt continues to circulate online, fans and wrestlers alike are hoping that such incidents never happen again in professional wrestling.

The search for the next adrenaline-pumping moment in the ring should not come at the cost of wrestlers’ lives. Stay tuned for more updates on this shocking incident and the ongoing discussions about safety in professional wrestling.


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