"If things get too heated, call me" – The Undertaker details his advice to current WWE Superstar

“If things get too heated, call me” – The Undertaker details his advice to current WWE Superstar

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The Undertaker recently spoke of his advice to WWE RAW Superstar Omos.

The Undertaker was on this week’s episode of WWE’s The Bump. The legend spoke highly of Omos and touted the rookie as one of the biggest attractions for WWE in times to come.

The Undertaker compared Omos to Andre the Giant. Taker mentioned that Omos was a special talent for WWE in an era where the general size of superstars is comparatively smaller. The Phenom mentioned that spoke to Omos and advised him on the finer points of his character in WWE:

“There won’t be another Andre but this guy is as close as we’ve come. And that’s a big statement…Omos is special. The big thing for him to know and realize that he’s special and he’s different from everybody else. The average size of the wrestler, in general, is smaller than it was. So here is this guy who is incredibly athletic and incredibly huge. He’s just a big, strong man. It’s important for him to make sure that he protects that. He and I have had a couple of conversations about what he should do and what he shouldn’t do and if things get too heated, call me.”

“There will never be another Andre, but this guy is as close as we’ve come… and that’s a big statement.” – @undertaker on @TheGiantOmos

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The Undertaker is looking to transition to a talent development role for WWE

During the interview, Taker mentioned that he’s looking to find a niche for himself now that he’s retired after three decades of “digging holes and taking souls.”

The Deadman wants to be in a supportive role, empowering the next generation of WWE talent. He wants to use his years of experience to bring up a new talent and help them find their feet in WWE.

Would you like to see The Undertaker in a talent development capacity in the WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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