"I'd like to manage him" - Ric Flair praises WWE SmackDown Superstar

“I’d like to manage him” – Ric Flair praises WWE SmackDown Superstar

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Ric Flair says he would have enjoyed managing Cesaro as a heel during their time together in WWE.

Cesaro, who currently performs as a babyface on WWE SmackDown, is considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. Several years ago, he told Flair he was not being used on WWE television at the time because the company’s higher-ups felt he lacked personality.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED podcast, Flair praised The Swiss Cyborg and reflected on his missed opportunity to work alongside Cesaro in WWE.

“I’m real partial to Cesaro,” said Flair. “He said to me one time five years ago or four years ago, ‘They don’t think I have enough personality to be on the show.’ I said, ‘…If you can work like you do, they’re never gonna let you go.’ He’s the kind of guy, I’d like to manage him and have him as a heel because he can do some really incredible stuff, and he’s a big strong guy.”

While Cesaro has arguably had one of the best years of his WWE career, Flair left the company in August after he requested his release.

WWE recently removed the 16-time world champion from its opening video package after sexual assault allegations were made against him. Flair has subsequently denied these claims.

Ric Flair describes Cesaro’s unique qualities

Discipline. Duty. Unyielding Will. https://t.co/7yR5iyC3HA

Cesaro has produced many incredible feats of strength throughout his WWE career, including the memorable moment when he performed the Cesaro Swing on The Great Khali.

With this in mind, Ric Flair added that wrestling promoters will always be interested in someone of Cesaro’s caliber due to his in-ring skills.

“Any time you can do something that nobody else can do that separates you from the crowd, you’re gonna be in that position where you’re gonna catch a promoter’s eye,” Flair continued. “No matter how hard they may have wanted to dismiss Cesaro, he’ll always be able to come back because he can do stuff other guys can’t do.”

The Nature Boy also praised Cesaro’s WrestleMania 37 victory over Seth Rollins. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said it was difficult for anyone else to produce a match as good as theirs on the rest of the card.

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Please credit Ric Flair Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.


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