"I would've beat their a**" – Charlotte Flair lashes out at current WWE Superstar

“I would’ve beat their a**” – Charlotte Flair lashes out at current WWE Superstar

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Charlotte Flair finally broke her silence after the pie incident on this week’s SmackDown.

WWE correspondent Kayla Braxton caught up with The Queen on Talking Smack to get her thoughts on Toni Storm and the events that transpired earlier in the evening.

Flair said she does not consider Toni Storm to be a serious contender for her title. The Queen added that she wanted to send Toni the dry cleaning bill after her actions on SmackDown this week. Charlotte said Toni didn’t do a good job of grabbing her attention because she was only copying the champ:

“I still don’t take her seriously. Had someone throw a pie in my face last week, I would’ve beat their a**. I would’ve one-upped them. All she did was throw a pie in my face, monkey see, monkey do. No, that doesn’t make her a contender. That doesn’t make me take her seriously. You know what that makes me want to do? Send her my dry cleaning bill. Thank God I wasn’t wearing one of my $8000 robes, no, just one of my $6000 body suits. It makes me want to send her my dry cleaning bill, because I’m sticky, my title is sticky. If she thought she was going to get my attention tonight, she didn’t do a good job. All she did was copy me.”

.@KaylaBraxtonWWE gets Superstar reactions from @WWEUsos and @TrueKofi & King @AustinCreedWins as they learn about their match at Day 1, a humiliated @MsCharlotteWWE, and a furious @NaomiWWE on Talking Smack! https://t.co/mM6MQIdgiQ

Toni Storm finally had her payback on Charlotte Flair this week

After humiliating Toni Storm last week with two pies to the face, Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring to mock her. Charlotte made it clear that Toni would never wash away the stink of humiliation that came with the two pies.

The Queen again denied Toni a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, as Flair was on the entranceway, Toni was waiting with a pie in hand. The rookie smacked Charlotte in the face with the pie to make things even.

Do you think Toni Storm can knock Charlotte Flair to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion? Sound off in the comments below.


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