"I think he would love him" - Jim Cornette explains why late WWE legend would be a big fan of top AEW star

“I think he would love him” – Jim Cornette explains why late WWE legend would be a big fan of top AEW star

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Jim Cornette recently shared his thoughts on what the late great ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper would think of AEW star MJF if he was still around.

It’s no secret that The Pinnacle leader is often compared to the WWE Hall of Famer. Roddy Piper is considered one of the greatest heels in the wrestling business, and many feel MJF is carrying forward his legacy in AEW.

The past, The present, and The future.

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On the latest episode of his podcast, Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette stated that Roddy Piper would have enjoyed MJF’s work. He added that the WWE legend would have also been mighty impressed with the AEW star’s in-ring work, particularly against Darby Allin at Full Gear.

Cornette believes that The Salt of the Earth can rile fans up as Piper did during his prime. The wrestling veteran concluded that the WWE Hall of Famer would have “whole-heartedly” approved MJF’s heel schtick.

“I think he’d love him. I think he would say, “here’s a guy who can talk, knows how to push people’s buttons, that likes to get heat.” If he saw his matches, especially the one with Darby Allin, I think he would be very impressed with that. So I gotta think Roddy would be kind of probably relieved that somebody has come along like that who still takes the business and what they are doing in it fairly seriously. And can go out and not in the same style as Roddy, but in the same vein, stir people up on the microphone as Roddy did 40 years ago. I think he would approve whole-heartedly,” said Jim Cornette.

AEW star MJF wished he had the chance to work with ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper

A few months ago, the Pinnacle leader disclosed his admiration for Roddy Piper, saying he would have loved to work alongside the WWE legend.

Growing up with Piper as his idol, MJF predicted that a match between him and the WWE Hall of Famer had the potential to be the greatest of all time.

“Piper made me fall in love with wrestling. And if I was able to have an opportunity to have promos back and forth with Roddy, and then a match that I know would be vicious as all hell. I think that would probably go down as the greatest match in the history of professional wrestling,” said MJF.

I think I’m a great person and a model citizen but as far as influences go as a student of the game I have many. Roddy Piper is high on that list. twitter.com/DXFlyers/statu… https://t.co/0xfvCJlJi6

Though MJF still has a long way to go in his career, it’s safe to say that the AEW star has all the tools to become one of the most notorious heels in the history of the wrestling business.

Do you think ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper would have been proud of MJF’s accomplishments in AEW? Sound off in the comments section below.


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