"I look at him as the greatest professional wrestler of all time"- Adam Cole showers praise on two-time WWE Hall of Famer

“I look at him as the greatest professional wrestler of all time”- Adam Cole showers praise on two-time WWE Hall of Famer

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Adam Cole has been extremely appreciative of his time in WWE NXT. After all, he rose from an indie sensation to a genuine star on WWE’s black-and-gold brand. In a recent interview, the former face of NXT had plenty of praise for Shawn Michaels, one of the leading forces behind the scenes.

Mr. WrestleMania and Triple H were crucial figures in helping Adam Cole become the top star in NXT. Though The Panama City Playboy jumped ship to AEW earlier this fall, he continues to express his appreciation for the two legends. In the past, he has also complimented Michaels for his legendary abilities as a performer.

Likewise, during an appearance on the Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker podcast, Cole called The Heartbreak Kid the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

“I look at him as the greatest professional wrestler of all time,” said Cole. “At least for what I like in pro wrestling…. My favorite thing about Shawn was that when you look at him, you can say that a lot of people’s best matches were with Shawn Michaels. That’s like the ultimate compliment to Shawn Michaels.” (h/t: WrestlingInc)

Peak of Adam Cole’s NXT run was awesome. He was a legit candidate for best wrestler in the world and was treated well.

His last year and a half there he was strapped with nowhere to go, and still made the most of it. Just listen to his reactions now. That speaks for itself.

Cole has made it clear in several interviews that he looks up to Michaels, and fans continue to compare the duo due to their past connection in WWE NXT.

Adam Cole misses working with Shawn Michaels

Adam Cole also reiterated the role that HBK played in his development and stated that it was difficult to end their working relationship by signing with AEW. That being said, the two still remain in contact, despite the former NXT Champion’s departure.

“He was so incredibly helpful in so many different ways,” Cole continued. “I really did form a friendship with him as well. So, the idea of not seeing him every week or working with him every week was a tough pill to swallow. Because again, I idolized him. Fortunately, we have still been able to stay in contact which is amazing.”

Adam Cole immediately reunited with The Elite upon his arrival in AEW. With Kenny Omega set to miss the next several months, Cole is widely viewed as the one of biggest stars in the faction. With this in mind, it’ll be interesting to see how The Panama City Playboy’s journey with AEW continues to unfold.


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