"I don't think I said anything wrong" - Liv Morgan opens up on her controversial promo on RAW

“I don’t think I said anything wrong” – Liv Morgan opens up on her controversial promo on RAW

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Liv Morgan has opened up about her promo from last week on RAW that set the wrestling world talking.

The WWE superstar was on this week’s episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin to talk about her career in WWE and her highly anticipated championship match against Becky Lynch this week on RAW.

When questioned about her promo, Liv Morgan replied that it was Becky who brought up her friends in the first place. Morgan stated that although talking about releases on WWE TV was taboo, they are still happening whether someone talks about it or not.

Here’s what Liv had to say about her promo:

“Was it hard for me to say what I said? No. Because Becky has brought up my friends. She’s brought up my friends not being here. And after my segment, I got texted from my friends saying how proud they were and how amazing they thought it was. So I don’t think there were any hard feelings. I know I’m kind of addressing something that may feel like an elephant in the room or maybe taboo, but these are things that are happening. And I don’t think I said anything wrong. Do you think I said something wrong?”

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Speaking on the fan reaction to the promo, Liv Morgan mentioned that she did not intend to offend anyone but was instead trying to address the reality of the situation:

Liv continued, “Everyone’s allowed to feel what they feel and everyone’s allowed to react the way they react. There was not one intention in my mind to offend anyone or to make light of any situation. It was just to address the reality of the situation. Yeah, I felt like she needed to hear it.”

WWE edited Liv Morgan’s promo after the show

“You’re the reason why your friend is gone just like the reason why your big, fat greedy contract is the reason why MY friends are gone. How does it feel knowing you become everything you despised?” – @YaOnlyLivvOnce

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Last week, after RAW, WWE edited Liv Morgan’s promo segment and cut the controversial line about her friends getting cut to make room for Becky Lynch’s big contract.

Many wrestling fans believed the comment was in bad taste and lashed out at WWE for scripting that line in the promo. WWE also took note of the backlash and removed the line from a YouTube clip of the segment that was later posted online.

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