"I could beat this guy" - Top AEW star believed he could defeat The Undertaker 

“I could beat this guy” – Top AEW star believed he could defeat The Undertaker 

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AEW star MJF recently recalled watching the iconic Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998.

One of the most influential wrestling matches of all time, The Phenom vs. Mankind, has inspired many youngsters in the business, one among them being MJF. In a chat with Peter Schwartz on Schwartz on Sports, the Pinnacle leader recalled going to a video store with his father, where he came across a wrestling DVD featuring the Hell in a Cell match.

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MJF added that he wouldn’t allow The Undertaker to throw him down from the top of the structure as he did to Mankind. Furthermore, The Salt of the Earth stated he felt he could easily defeat The Deadman.

“I went home and immediately told my dad to take me to Hollywood Videos, which does not exist anymore, thanks Netflix. I found a wrestling DVD and in front of it was this guy that looked like a Zombie. I didn’t know at the time that it was The Undertaker. I flipped the disc and it said Hell in a Cell, Undertaker vs. Mankind. The first match I watched in full was Undertaker vs. Mankind and I thought to myself, first of all, there is no way I would have let the schmuck throw me off the top of the cage. Immediately, at five years old, I’m going, ‘I could beat this guy’ and that’s when I knew. Quite frankly, I’m probably right,” said MJF. (H/T – Fightful)

AEW star MJF recently compared himself to the legendary Andre The Giant

Not many in the wrestling business can claim to have the aura of WWE Hall of Famer Andre The Giant, but MJF thinks otherwise. He recently compared himself to the former WWE Champion, saying he’s an “attraction” like Andre The Giant was in his heydays.

MJF explained that since he’s a “special attraction,” he doesn’t have to wrestle every other week on TV, unlike other All Elite Wrestling stars.

“There’s a reason that when my music hits, I get one of the loudest reactions, positive or negative, in all of wrestling,” MJF continued. “I don’t have to wrestle every single week to make people feel that way to get people excited about me. I’m an attraction. I’m Andre The Giant.”

Though he has a long way to go before he’s compared to the giants of the wrestling industry, MJF has achieved a lot in just two years of being in AEW. He’s currently embroiled in the most high-profile feud of his career against CM Punk.

Do you see a dream match between MJF and The Undertaker materializing sometime down the line, possibly in AEW? Sound off in the comments section below.


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