How much is Dwayne Johnson's house worth?

How much is Dwayne Johnson’s house worth?

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Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is one of the biggest stars WWE has ever produced. He has found success in various streams and has become one of the most famous personalities in the world.

As he’s one of the highest-earning Hollywood actors, his fans are curious about his lifestyle. Many people want to know the worth of his luxurious house.

How much is Dwayne Johnson’s house worth?

As reported by various sites, Dwayne Johnson’s house is worth $27.8 million. The property is located in Beverly Park and its estimated area is about 18,000 square feet. The former owner of the mansion was another renowned Hollywood actor, Paul Reiser.

I did keep my promise and bought my parents their very first house in 2000 (we lived in apartments & trailer parks our whole lives). Then is 2004 they divorced and at all went to hell but at least the enjoyed it for a while 🤣

The Mediterranean-style house has various amenities like a full-fledged gym, a tennis court, and even a baseball diamond! It is not a surprise that one of the most successful personalities in the world lives in such a heavenly place.

What did Dwayne Johnson say about facing Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 38?

Proud of my cousin @WWERomanReigns’ performance. Even more proud of his perseverance & strength as he takes one day at a time to recover from leukemia.
Good to be with him in the islands during this time.

The Great One announced his wrestling retirement a few years ago on Instagram. However, wrestling fans know that many of these retirement announcements prove to be false later. Stars like Edge and Shawn Michaels are prime examples of wrestlers who came out of retirement.

In an interview with Dish Nation, Dwayne Johnson said that he might come out of retirement and might as well face Roman Reigns. When asked about the rumors of him facing the Tribal Chief at next year’s show of shows, he said:

“I can tell you that there is no truth to that right now. Possibly down the road, we will see. We stay very close, myself and Roman Reigns. I’m very happy, very proud for the work that he’s doing, as well as The Usos, my other family members. Those guys will continue to do what they’re doing, and we’ll see down the road.” said The Rock.

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns is one of the most-anticipated dream matches of all time and WWE will surely try to book it at a future event, possibly WrestleMania 39. As of now, it looks like Brock Lesnar will soon return to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal title at WrestleMania 38.

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