"How do two supposed professionals do something like this?"- Jim Cornette slams former WWE stars for AEW Dynamite match

“How do two supposed professionals do something like this?”- Jim Cornette slams former WWE stars for AEW Dynamite match

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Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo’s Atlanta Street Fight in the main event of AEW Dynamite drew plenty of criticism from Jim Cornette.

Rhodes and Andrade were involved in a wild main event that featured plenty of brutal moments. The finish came when the American Nightmare reverse superplexed Andrade through a flaming table.

Jim Cornette is a known detractor of extremely violent and weapon-heavy matches, and on the Jim Cornette Experience, he criticized the AEW Dynamite main event heavily.

“When you go to a barn or a manure field to watch the garbage deathmatch wrestling, you see two fat, bald guys in sweatpants hitting each other with light tubes and setting each other on fire, you expect to see that. All hundred fat, bald guys who paid to be there expect it too. But on national television and not even just a national cable network, but a Turner network, you expect professional wrestling by professionals, not garbage deathmatch, wrestling. There should be a higher standard here.”

“And we can laugh and joke about the people booing Cody. No matter what he does, he could cure cancer or save kittens from burning buildings, that’s funny, yes, but all this match on a real television network does besides encouraging the aspiring fat f**k deathmatch wrestlers, is to make wrestling and everybody in it as individuals look like blithering idiots. How do two supposed professionals do something like this that both, makes wrestling look obviously phony and at the same time hurts them worse than if they’d had a real match and nobody cared. And the rating was down,” said Jim Cornette.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo commented on the AEW Dynamite match

While talking to Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo said that if his wife had done the same as Brandi Rhodes, he would have been divorced by now.

“I’m just curious if I was involved in that match, and my wife came down and ordered me to put myself through a flame, we’d be divorced the next day,” Vince Russo said.

The match between the AEW EVP and the Mexican star divided opinion among fans. While the match was a fun and violent affair, there’s a case to be made that their rivalry in AEW wasn’t fierce enough to warrant a bout as extreme as this.


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