How about a WWE Referee Hall of Fame?

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The WWE Hall of Fame is one of the most hallowed turfs in pro wrestling today so let’s get a WWE referee HOF. Many have worked hard and long with the aim to one day be handed that ring and a place among the legends of the industry, and continue to do so.

However, one interesting idea that perhaps has been mooted in hushed circles before is that of a referees’ Hall Of Fame. Many officials have ben crucial to what WWE, and other promotions, have become today, and perhaps they deserve that much more recognition for their ability to be part of amazing storylines and help tell those legendary stories.

Mike Chioda, now with AEW, is hailed as one of the greatest referees ever

Speaking during a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling (quotes via Wrestling Inc), former SmackDown GM Teddy Long spoke about a WWE Referee Hall Of Fame.

“That’s if they ever decide that they want to do a Hall Of Fame for the referees and the officials. There’s a lot of guys. Tim White: God rest his soul, he certainly should be one of them.”

The ex-WWE manager also listed other referees he thinks should be inducted, such as Jimmy Korderas, Jack Doan, and Mike Chioda.

“All those guys there are seasoned veterans as far as refereeing, and some of them you know had a little wrestling background. Nick Patrick: He wrestled a little bit in Mid South, Bill Watts’ territory before he came up and started refereeing. So, I think those guys deserve that honor; I hope somebody pays attention to what we’re saying and think about it and go ahead and do that.”

What do you think about a WWE Referee Hall Of Fame? Sound us out in the comments section below!


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